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In concomitanza con la GenCon la Green Ronin ha finalmente lanciato Wild Cards, una nuova ambientazione per il suo gdr supereroistico Mutants & Masterminds basato sulla licenza dell’omonima serie di racconti iniziata da George R. R. Martin, autore famoso in Italia per le sue Cronache del Ghiaccio e del Fuoco.

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Green Ronin Releases Wild Cards Campaign Setting for Mutants & Masterminds RPG

August 29, 2008–SEATTLE, WA: Green Ronin Publishing released the highly anticipated Wild Cards Campaign Setting for the Mutants & Masterminds RPG this week. The book, by series author John Jos. Miller, includes a full history of the setting, profiles and illustrations of dozens of major characters, background information and rules on the Wild Card virus, and an introductory adventure.

“The Wild Cards Campaign Setting is a great resource for fans of the series,” said Green Ronin President Chris Pramas. “John Jos. Miller did a tremendous job on the book and it’s great to see Wild Cards return to its roots in roleplaying.”

The Wild Cards series began in 1987, developing out of an ongoing superhero roleplaying campaign run by New York Times bestselling author George R.R. Martin and now spanning 18 volumes. Contributing authors include Roger Zelazny, Lewis Shiner, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams, John Jos. Miller, and Martin himself. Tor published the latest volume of the series, Inside Straight, earlier this year and the Dabel Brothers are currently publishing a new comic, Wild Cards: The Hard Call.

Green Ronin will be following the book up with two more Wild Cards titles. All-in, an adventure anthology, will release in the Fall and Aces & Jokers, a collection of famous and infamous characters, will release in the Spring of 2009.


Product Information

Wild Cards Campaign Setting
Author: John Jos. Miller
Format: 256 pages, full color hardback
MSRP: Print $39.95
Product Code: GRR2522
ISBN-13: 978-1-934547-11-3; ISBN-10: 1-934547-11-5

Aces and Jokers Wild!

In 1945 an alien virus released over Manhattan changed the world forever. Ninety percent of the people exposed to the Wild Card virus died, and some say they were the lucky ones. Of the survivors, ninety percent were mutated into the hideous freaks known as “jokers.” Only a rare one percent became “aces,” people gifted with superhuman powers.

In 1987 George R.R. Martin and a stellar group of authors introduced readers to the world of Wild Cards, and now the series spans more than a dozen anthologies and novels. In the summer of 2008 players of Mutants & Masterminds can make this world their own for the first time with the Wild Cards campaign setting, written by series author John Jos. Miller. Inside this beautifully illustrated book you will find a full history the setting, profiles and game stats for dozens of major characters, background information and rules on the Wild Card virus, an introductory adventure, and advice on running your own Wild Cards campaign. Experience super-powers and Mutants & Masterminds like you never have before by exploring a world where the luck of the draw means the difference between fame and power and a terrible genetic curse. Draw the Wild Card and see what you get. Do You Feel Lucky?

About Green Ronin Publishing
Green Ronin Publishing is a Seattle-based company known for its dedication to quality books and games. Founded in 2000, Green Ronin has won more awards for excellence and innovation than any other game company in the new millennium, and took home the coveted ENnie Award for Best Publisher an unprecedented three years running. With great licenses like A Song of Ice and Fire and the Black Company, groundbreaking games like Mutants & Masterminds and Blue Rose, and a roster of top flight designers and illustrators, Green Ronin Publishing is a leading light in the hobby game industry. Learn more about Green Ronin at


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