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Per tutti gli appassionati di Traveller, Babylon5, Runequest, Conan e Glorantha e degli altri prodotti Mongoose segnialiamo l’uscita del nuovo numero di Signs&Portents: la rivista gratuita di Mongoose Publishing (scaricabile in pdf dal sito ufficiale).

In questo numero troverete:

Traveller/Babylon 5
The epic Legacy of War continues – the Drakh Plague strikes!

When an unexplained illness strikes and a savage monster becomes trapped inside a mine, the people of Sicklemede turn for help to an approaching band of intrepid adventurers.

Part two of the Levall Affair – After leaving Eca IV, to continue the pursuit of Elliot Powell, the players must follow the heavy freighter Tregarn through jump space to the industrial planet of Balfor.

Victory at Sea
David Manley adds the fog of war to naval battles.

Hammers Slammers
A new preview of the stunning art appearing in this Traveller setting book.

Entertainment and diversions – Hyrkanian style!

A how-to survival horror guide for your favourite espionage game.

Dragon Warriors
Spice up your ciritcal hits, and do more descriptive damage to your foes!

Looking into the origins of agents, in all their guises.

More monsters for the Elfs to confound your players.

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