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Non è certo un segreto l’evoluzione che ha fatto White Wolf nei confronti dei suoi giochi e dei suoi giocatori e proprio qualche giorno fa, Eddy Webb, ha fatto il primo vero passo evoluzionistico della OPP (Onyx Path Publishing).

Le nuove edizioni sotto il marchio OPP sono e stanno uscendo, quello che mancava era un vero supporto, un sito di spinta, laddove la community di giocatori dei prodotti White Wolf è sempre molto presente. Così, Eddy, ha annunciato l’apertura del nuovo forum OPP che ospiterà tutto il supporto e le discussioni sui passati, presenti e futuri giochi targati White Wolf – Onyx Path Publishing.

Oltre questo, finalmente, Eddy Webb si sbilancia pure che dal 1° dicembre, ci sarà un nuovo portale dedicato.

Vi lasciamo alla dichiarazione originale di Eddy Webb per tornare a sognare con i giochi White Wolf:


I’m writing today because I wanted to communicate some changes happening to the White Wolf site, and how they impact you.

On December 1st, the site is going to be replaced with a new one showcasing all of our license partners. The goal is to move to a site designed to provide information on key parts of the White Wolf community. Unfortunately, this includes removing wiki and forum functionality, but we are working with Onyx Path Publishing to host an improved forum and wiki experience on their site. Since we’re focused on upcoming projects, it makes perfect sense for these to be hosted by a partner who is passionate about serving you, our dedicated community. I’m told the new forum software is really nice, and Onyx Path will be able to keep it more up to date and running smoother, giving the community the time and attention it deserves. Ideally, should become a one-stop site for all of your White Wolf tabletop needs, including forums, wiki, blogs, and release information.

While we are able to export out wiki information, we aren’t able to do the same for the forums in a way that preserves user privacy, which means that all of the forum data will be taken down with the forums themselves on December 1st. However, the current moderators for the forums are committed to making the transition to the new site, and will also be helping to capture key threads (via copy/paste). I plan to work hand-in-hand with the moderators to help make this as smooth of a transition as possible. You can set up an account on the new forums immediately, and you will find them here:

I am personally excited about this quality-of-life improvement for all of you who have been strong supporters of White Wolf over the years. In the end, it’ll be the same people behind the screen talking, laughing, and arguing together, but on a new server with a more focused technical support team. Thank you for your eternal patience and devotion to our products. I know I say that a lot, but it really means the world to all of us here at CCP that you continue to be one of the most passionate communities in the world.



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